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Instagram Break, Do We Need It?

Hi Chic Readers,
How is life going? 

Past 2 months, i shared to you that i took some days to take a rest from Instagram i call it "Instagram Fasting". i just make up that phrase because i feel like it suits with the moment you don't open your Instagram, don't scroll it down and up.  my productivity in this year is so slow, i spent most of my time scrolling Instagram and watching food video. i know it such a pleasure right to watch people eating without being worried to gain weight. 

I will share some tips about how this Instagram fasting works, some of us maybe think that why do i need to do that, i know its just an option because for me i feel a bit addicted to open this thing, i even response DM faster than whatsapp. so i put schedule every month to do this Instagram fasting it would takes 3-7 days but usually i just manage to do it within 3 day.

you have to deactivate your Instagram.

Yup! you read it right! it is a bit frustrating for me because i tend to scrolling IG like every time i get chance to touch my phone. but anyway it really helps me to improve my sleeping schedule being more content and i have more time to spend on books or listening to useful podcast. another option is you can simply just uninstall your Instagram for a day. trust me you will be more productive if you try to manage your time and being more socialize rather than just scrolling. 

i don't advice this if you're an influencer since you need to engage and update content everyday but i guess some of them also need this break from social media. i know social media is not just Instagram, there are a lots and many types but based on data by statistica in 2018 the third most used social media is Instagram it comes after Facebook and Snapchat. 

Lets we try to practice this together and let me know how it works. 

In addition, i share to you my ootd with knitted sweater paired it with light white pants. this style is considered as #styleonbudget because all outfits doesn't cost more than RM 100. 

what i am wearing:
Sweater and pants by Simple Bean 
Bags by Charles and Keith 
Flats by Forever21 (old one) but if you are looking for gorgeous flats 
 Mel&Molly is one of my favorite check it here
Thank you for reading this, i hope i shared something useful for you.
Follow my instagram @deaaadev 
Pictures captured by: Huseyn Jaya 



  1. Ok, and right now I am trying to take a rest from instagram too. I deleted instagram on my phone. I just open on my computer if I miss seeing some influencer photos. But, I think it works lil bit. I can spend rest of time to do something else useful.

    By the way, ootd nya keren!

    1. Hi, nice to know that this noob tips could give you some refresh idea.

      Thank you so much Farih



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Hi !

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I update more often on my Instagram @deaaadev
thanks for coming. 
warm welcome from Dea. xoxo 

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