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Glimpse backgorup of my master study.

As i promise i will share this story with you.

In July 2015 i graduated from public university in Jakarta with magna cum laude and my mom was so proud of me. i did not think to continue my study i mean yaa to become master of public health in my head it would be such a tiring journey and it was so far on my mind. my plan was to take some courses related to safety management and become an health officer in some oil or mining industry LOL!!!

i had boyfriend that time. he is older than me and i could say he was well-prepared enough to be an husband.  guess what? yes we planned to get married, i was 21 that time and he was 25. oh married at young age was one of my dream so yaa i was willing to marry him that young and started to confess with my mom that i wanted to get married with him....
since i decided to get married, i started to fantasize that this is will be the best decision and he suggested me to continue my study after married of course he would support me financially. while waiting for him to propose me officially with my parents i started to find a job in Jakarta (he was in Jogja and we had long distance relationship) . Unfortunately, my mom disagreed and asked me to break my relationship with him. as a good daughter i obeyed my parents to break my relationship with him and we end. it was the most slumped time in my life and believe me cancelled marriage is the most painful thing that I've ever felt for my entire life. i ran away from home, turned off my phone and started hate my mom the most, i did almost commit to suicide yuck!

Furthermore, i can heal all these pain and decide to move from this pain. my mom offered me to continue my study because she think i haven't learned enough about life lesson in Jakarta. "go study overseas" she said, my mom suggested me to study in Muslim country and find a country that accessible for her to visit me once in a month haha. this is not suggestion actually, it is more likely she directly asked me to choose Malaysia or Brunei .

I joined TOEFL class, because to study aboard one of the requirement is TOEFL score or IELTS score. i choose TOEFL for it was the cheapest one that time. i took TOEFL in Jakarta and studied like a nerd i bought TOEFL book form book store and started to exercise myself after the class. most of the book had listening section and it was only either available for laptop using CD  or with android devices because it offered you to download their listening sections from Playstore . i did not have android and i did not have laptop, yet there is a quote says " there is a will there is a way" i had roommate that time and she borrowed me her samsung tab May Allah Bless her everyday because she is the kindest roommate ever. i did the test twice because i failed the first one i did not get enough score. but Alhamdulillah after second attempted, i passed the requirement score to study aboard.

browsed browsed browsed....

i ended up choose UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia), UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), UM (Universiti Malaya) and Sunway, after digging up information about the fee and study intake of those universities, i registered in UPM and UTM and i got accepted in both universities. Got accepted in different universities and different program made me confused. The difference is in UPM i got accepted in program Master Of Science in Public health i would be student in faculty medicine and health sciences by research, meanwhile in UTM i got accepted in Master of Safety and Occupational health i would be engineering student by coursework. such confusing. for those who does not know master by research is that study usually it does not have fixed time table for the duration of study, and you will work independently with the guidance of your supervisor and usually you just need to take 3-4 classes to fulfill your credit needs, outcome of the study is Thesis. Therefor, master of research usually doesn't have many classes and student starts to do their research from the first time they enroll to the program sometime they have their proposal project already before they joined the program. this is depends on university requirements and supervisor demands. Whereas, mater by coursework is master program that you will need to attend classes and it has fixed timetable usually 4 semesters and within one semester you need to take almost everyday class. the outcome of study usually sit exam when applicable or minor research project.

And i chose UPM because i think it is cheaper and the most reasonable reason is the offer letter from UPM Came first and followed by UTM so by the time UTM latter came out. i already applied for my student visa in UPM means i paid it. So that, now i'm as UPM student.

In Conclusion,the background why i ended up doing master is broken heart, it is not that bad actually because it gave me more strength to be more rational in love life. i was so blind that time when i enrolled my master study, i did not have any dreams to achieved i just did it as an escape from my past. i even did not have any proposal for my thesis. but luckily, i have the best supervisor in this world, she guides me from the beginning, i would say i learn everything from 0 because the topic and the course are not same as my degree field. I was so troubled and now still in trouble because all the courses are in English even in canteen they use English sometimes. Yet by the time because you have willing to learn you start to adapt and get used to with this environment.

here i encourage  you all my readers and friends, if you have chance to continue your study go for it. yes i know some of you would have some consideration regarding financial and time management. but it all worth the pain and sacrifice. i wont say it will be easy and smooth all the ways, i did it and i know exactly how hard it was, you will feel to give up in the middle and sometimes bored  to see even to open your laptop. But it all the process that you need to face, it needs commitment, perseverance and most of the time consistency is he the key to make you come back to your work.

i will share more about this in the next post, here a glimpse background why i ended up taking master. hope you enjoy reading this.  




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Hi !

Hallo Chic Readers! My name is Dea,  Master of Science in Public Health. I am an Indonesian living in Malaysia. i love sharing, eating and styling. I hope i can share everything good and inspire you trough my blog.
I update more often on my Instagram @deaaadev
thanks for coming. 
warm welcome from Dea. xoxo 

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